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Guy of Gisbourne ([personal profile] slyguy_ofgisbourne) wrote2013-03-18 05:01 pm
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Permissions post

1). Backtagging: Yes.
2). Threadhopping: Of course.
3). Fourthwalling: By all means.
4). Canon puncture: Yep, ok with that.
5). Offensive subjects: That's fine but perhaps tell me about it first on PM or Plurk.


1). Hugging this character: Yes, that's fine.

2). Kissing this character: You'll be lucky but yes.

3). Flirting with this character: Guy's middle name is flirt so, of course!

4). Fighting with this character: He loves a good fight!

5). Injuring this character: Alright with it as Guy knows how to defend himself in most scraps. Bring it on.

6). Killing this character: Nope. Sorry. Not this time.

7). Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, have a go.