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Name: Linden
Personal Journal:
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Other Characters Played: Thror [bearded_blingking], Iorveth [bloede_dhoine]

Character: Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Series: BBC Robin Hood
Age: He is around early thirties so around 32.

History: Here: Historical reference here:

Canon Point: During the end of Series 1 and start of Series 2. Guy has just begun having feelings towards Marian and realising that he could indeed, be in love.


Guy is a rather power hungry and selfish individual. He only usually does things that gain him something in return. He can be nasty and rather rude at times due to his nature and the way he abuses his power and status. He is known to have issues with Robin Hood and his men as they break the law often. Having a personal vendetta against Hood, Guy tends to harbour a grudge against him. A big grudge. Some might say it borders on an obsession to track down Locksley and kill him. He does a lot of tasks for the Sheriff which involve killing and punishment. While, he is no sadist, he does enjoy putting the fear of God into his victims and gaining credit from the Sheriff.

He has an over-inflated ego which can cause unrest with others he comes in contact with. Being snarky and brooding is something Guy is an expert at. He uses his quick tongue to pour words of distaste and loathing towards his enemies of those he is ousting money from. He can be sarcastic and brutal also. Being skilled with his blade and riding on horseback makes Guy over-confident at times. Sometimes his over-confidence is also his downfall. He doesn't believe in failure and if he does fail in whatever task he was set, he sulks. He is good at sulking too.

Aside from the negatives in Guy's personality, he is a caring and loyal individual under all his machismo. He honours people's lives if he deems them worthy and honourable. He cannot abide thieves and bandits. As seen with Robin's men. He does fall in love during the beginning of Series 2 with Maid Marian. Which shows that a dark, brooding character like him is much more complex underneath. He does show compassion towards those who are innocent. It is rarely seen as he spends most of his time next to Sheriff Vaisey and his loyal guards. He would never kill innocent women or children and once used his compassion to save a farmer and his family from being burned alive in their house.

Guy isn't one to show any weakness or a chink in his armour, if you like. He tends to be reserved and shy when it comes to feeling upset or distraught. If something terrible happens, he'd likely ride to the stables and sulk. Possibly cry in secret, but never in front of his men. His pride and honour are upheld all the time, being the man he is. He tries to come across as a strong man inside but often has conflicting feelings for Marian. If ordered to kill her by the Sherriff, he could not do it. As much as Vaisey wanted him to do it. He isn't a cold blooded killer.

What allies and friends Guy does have, he values them greatly and would die for them. He would risk his life in battle to protect theirs, not giving a second thought for injury or harm. A good trait to have it gives Guy strength in his character to want to protect others as well as his own hide. He can come across as a cocky, self-centered man but most who do not know him, would not know of his other side. Being a knight, he values the honour given to him by the king. Guy has been known to be a back-stabber. He would kill another for their job or to own their weapon or armour. He has no qualms with killing as long as there will be a beneficial outcome in the end. He once murdered a stable lad to gain his job. After being ordered so by the Sheriff.

Being who he is and who he works for, Guy can sometimes be in conflict with himself. Usually, over the orders given to him by the Sheriff. He tried to hide his love for Marian but it sometimes causes him to become weak and vulnerable. He can't stand feeling vulnerable to his enemies. He would fear an arrow in the back or a sword in the night if Robin knew Guy loved Marian. Not fearing death, he would die and defend his right to Marian's love than to back down to anyone. Even Robin. He would gladly duel anyone for the right of Marian's love as his ego would persuade him to stand up and fight. Even if he would be injured in the process.

Skills and Abilities:

Guy is skilled with both sword and bow. Mainly preferring to use his two-handed broadsword over the long bow, he is a fierce fighter and knight. He can hold his own within a fight situation, especially against Robin and his outlaws. Having power on his side, he uses this to his advantage most of the time, winning most battle he faces. Guy is a fit and able rider, being seen riding with his guards through the local villages surrounding Nottingham castle. He can use a sword and ride at the same time, something which comes natural to him during his role as the Sheriff's second in command.

Being a good leader, he can lead his men into any battle which may come his way. He is good with words and usually demanding more taxes off the poor locals he comes across. Persuasion is everything to him and it he doesn't get what he wants, violence usually solves everything. He has a weakness for Marian, who he has begun to fall in love with. This could alter his perception for certain situations and cause him to alter his motives towards what the Sheriff demands.

Being in love may cause Guy to lose his rough edge which he prides the most. Being brutal and efficient at what he does. He is good with the throwing knife also. Carrying them in his boot, he can throw a blade with lightning fast reflexes towards his enemies. He is good at disguising and spying also. Several times, disguising himself as either a beggar or one of Hood's men to spy on the outlaws within Sherwood Forest.

First Person Sample:

To my dearest Marian,

I cannot hold off on my feelings towards you any longer. I must speak with you alone. Somewhere private. Perhaps my chambers this evening if you have no other plans. I insist this is urgent as I cannot wait long to discuss this with you. Do not think this a trap, as I can assure you, it is most certainly not. There is no other love for any other woman except for you.

You know I cannot stop fighting Hood's men even if I wanted. They are criminals and what they do is wrong. Thieves deserve what they get. Locksley is nothing to do with us anyway. This is just between you and me. Would you meet me tonight in my castle chambers? If this is not what you want, then perhaps the spot in the woods where we talked last? I will wait for you, if need be. No guards will accompany me, if this is what you are afraid of.

It will just be the two of us. Differences aside, I love you, Marian. It has come to be like a light burning inside of me. The Sheriff will not know of my love for you. No one will. Secrets can and will exist. Between us. I thought not announcing my love to you publicly would be the best course of action. I do not want Vaisey or Locksley to know about this. If you can accept this token of my love and believe this letter I write to you, I will be most grateful.

See you tonight,

Guy of Gisbourne.

I have some dear_mun examples too:

Third Person Sample:

Guy watched through the thick canopy of leaves as he narrowed his eyes on the targets. Three outlaws were just up ahead in the distance. Talking around an open fire. He would get them this time. He nodded to one of his men to flank them around the side. Taking them head on would just cause them to bolt into the dense undergrowth. He needed to surprise them from all sides to be able to apprehend them. They were thieves and possibly murderers too. The noose was waiting for all three as Guy withdrew his great blade and kicked his horse into action. His men followed suit and those around the sides, kept a close eye out on their leader.

The Sheriff had ordered a ransom to be paid on these three men. They were Locksley's men. Outlaws and men who broke the law. Men who deserved nothing but a slow death on the gallows. Guy would easily and gladly grant them that. Then perhaps, Vaisey would ease off Guy's back somewhat. He'd been going on about catching these three for weeks. It made Guy genuinely irritated at the Sheriff's constant bickering. This time, they could not escape.

Guy kicked his horse further as he crept further towards the unsuspecting bandits. Keeping a low profile, he waved to the flanking soldiers to take them quietly. Once in, Guy could move forward and gain the upper hand. Being cornered, he would then arrest them and bind their hands. Taking them to the castle for their execution, would be the easy part. He wanted to see the pleased look on the Sheriff's face once he brought them in. His horse grunted as he pulled the reigns towards him. Slowing his mount, he narrowed his eyes and saw one of the men drawing a long knife. Had they heard or seen Guy and his men? He wasn't sure.

Quick thinking would be needed now as he rode towards the men, sword drawn. Waving to the men flanking in the distance, they suddenly kicked their horses into action and delved upon the outlaws. One of the outlaws went to stab the guard's horse in the flank but was kicked in the face. He fell to the floor, unconscious. Guy narrowed his eyes as he rode forwards and then rode around one of the outlaws, scrabbling to get away. The third man was drawing a bow and loosing an arrow straight towards Guy's face. He ducked just in time as the arrow shot past his right ear, the whistle nearly deafening him.

He swore under his breath as he pointed to one of his guards to catch one of the men trying to escape. The guards managed to apprehend both the outlaws and then bind their hands. Guy had a smug look on his face as he ordered a guard to pick up the unconscious outlaw and throw him over a horse. They would all come back alive to face their punishment. None would be killed by blade or bow today. That was not what the Sheriff ordered. Going against orders was one thing, Guy did not. Killing of innocent women and children could sway that idea as he was no savage killing beast in that regard.

Waving to gather his forces, Guy and his guards rode towards Nottingham castle with their prisoners tied and bound on horseback. How much would he get for this reward? Surely, Vaisey would not stint. This was how Guy was ruthless and efficient at what he did. Gathering outlaws and giving them what they deserved was what fuelled his desire to be who he was. Power and dominance ruled over Guy's demeanor as he would have it no other way.


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